About Us - Minnesota Mule

About Us

Hello, my name is Rob, restaurateur, retired pit master, and creator of Minnesota Mule – with help from family and friends!

Living  in Northern Minnesota, the winters can get pretty long. Short of ice fishing and snowmobiling, there’s not a lot happening so we tend to get creative to help pass the time during the cold harsh winters. From sitting in the fish house and playing cribbage, to grilling and smoking meats, and making rubs. And of course, fish house happy hour. Those happy hours kick off with Bloody Mary’s, and our ice fishing friends know it, so they start to gather at our shack around 4 o’clock.

Well, we tried about every mix on the market and we just couldn’t find one we liked, so my brother Bruce, our friend Jack, and I went to work on developing a mix. Not an ordinary mix, but a dry mix to be added to tomato juice. That way we could Shake to Taste the flavor we wanted, and we could also carry the mix with us, whenever and wherever we go. So we started blending different spices out at the shack, which helped pass the time when the fish weren’t biting.

As word got about what we were working on, everyone would stop by to try to the latest batch and give feedback. This went on for some time. Needless to say, there were some pretty happy fisherman by the time they went home.

Then it finally came together and we concocted a batch that everyone loved! We had the right blend of and everyone wanted us to make large quanities so they and their friends could have some at home…

And so became Minnesota Mule, where every hour is happy hour!