Premium Dry Bloody Mary Mixes - Minnesota Mule

Bloody Mary Mixes

Our Premium Dry Bloody Mary mix is FULL of flavor, with a blend of over thirty natural spices, premium peppers, and vegetables. And with no added fillers or MSG, it is sure to please those who have sensitivity to artificial flavorings and additives.

The Premium Bloody Mary Mixes are Minnesota Mule's flagship products, a labor of love that took over 3 years and 500 different recipe combinations to achieve a final product that is sure to cater to a wide range of personal tastes.

Carry the Mule with you wherever you go! Perfect for the golf bag, toolbox, tackle box, glove box... anywhere you need access to a high quality and delicious mix.

The Bloody Mary mix is also great way to add a kick to many other dishes! Shake to Taste and add the Mule to:

French Fries
Anything that needs an extra kick!

Bold & Zesty - For those who like it hot!

Hint of Heat - For those who like it milder.