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With everyone getting away from flavor and serving heat, we at Minnesota Mule wanted a Bloody Mary that was full of flavor yet bold and zesty. That is why we created a blend of over thirty natural spices and premium vegetables, with no MSG or fillers. It took years of product development to perfect recipies catered to you. With a convenient shaker top you can "shake to taste" to your preference of more or less flavor.

Just one bottle makes up to 30 Bloody Marys. Just add 5-7 shakes (or 1/4 teaspoon) of Minnesota Mule to a premium vodka in a 16 oz glass, add ice and your favorite high quality tomato base beverage, mix and enjoy. For pre-mix, add 5 teaspoons to a bottle of your favorite tomato base mix - more or less to taste - and let stand for 15 minutes to let the flavors blend.

Minnesota Mule currently comes in two recipies -

Hint of Heat -  A light blend of peppers and spices for those who want full flavor without a lot of bite.

Bold & Zesty -  With a bold after bite we formulated this to give the heat after the taste of the flavors - heat without the burn.

        With new flavors coming soon.

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